Trump Envoy Hails Deal to Resume Serbia-Kosovo Railway Service

(BELGRADE, Serbia) — U.S. President Donald Trump’s special envoy for Serbia and Kosovo said Saturday that an agreement to resume railway service between the two Balkan rivals is important for both nations.

Richard Grenell, who is the U.S. ambassador to Germany, said establishing train links became a priority after U.S. officials brokered another deal earlier this week to restore air traffic between the countries after 21 years.

Grenell visited Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, and Serbia’s capital of Belgrade this week. He said Friday at a press conference in Belgrade that details of an agreement to restore rail service would be discussed at a meeting in Berlin on Monday.

“President Trump’s vision is now happening. The business community and the focus on job creation is leading the way,” Grenell said in a written statement to The Associated Press.

Grenell was appointed by Trump in October as the special envoy to talks to normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia. The European Un..

President Trump Asks How Long Ukraine Can Resist Russian Aggression in Newly Surfaced Recording

(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump inquired how long Ukraine would be able to resist Russian aggression without U.S. assistance during a 2018 meeting with donors that included the indicted associates of his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

“How long would they last in a fight with Russia?” Trump is heard asking in the audio portion of a video recording, moments before he calls for the firing of U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. She was removed a year later after a campaign to discredit her by Giuliani and others, an action that is part of Democrats’ case arguing for the removal of the president in his Senate impeachment trial.

A video recording of the entire 80-minute dinner at the Trump Hotel in Washington was obtained Saturday by The Associated Press. Excerpts were first published Friday by ABC News. People can be seen in only some portions of the recording.

The recording contradicts the president’s statements that he did not know the Giuliani associates Lev Parnas ..

Americká základna na Ostravsku? Z Trikolóry se ozval bývalý vojenský pilot. Silně varuje před nápadem Vondry. A zde jsou důvody

ROZHOVOR „Generála Sulejmáního mně osobně není vůbec líto. Byl to terorista a s teroristy je třeba bojovat. Až neuvěřitelně hloupý a nezodpovědný je ovšem způsob provedení útoku na něj. Rozstřílet konvoj vysokého představitele státu, se kterým nejsme ve vyhlášeném konfliktu, na letišti třetí země, bez konzultace s vládou tohoto státu či třeba kýmkoli dalším,“ podivuje se předseda odborné komise Trikolóry pro obranu a bývalý vojenský pilot Jan Holek. Vyjadřuje se i k americké základně, evropské armádě, zrušení domobran, odvodu branců či BIS.

Nenávist až za hrob. Nejdřív Gott, teď Kubera. To dělali komunisti před rokem 1989! Radní Šarapatka dostal další ránu od Patrika Nachera

PŮLNOČNÍ ROZHOVOR „Nevím, co se s lidmi děje, že jejich nenávist jde až za hrob. Zažili jsme to jak u Karla Gotta, tak u Jaroslava Kubery. Co by se dělo, kdyby zemřel Miloš Zeman? To snad někteří budou slavit. Přijde mi to úplně nechutné,“ komentuje některé reakce po úmrtí předsedy Senátu pražský poslanec hnutí ANO Patrik Nacher. Vyjadřuje se v rozhovoru pro i ke starostovi Řeporyjí Pavlu Novotnému, předsedovi ODS Petru Fialovi, odvolání ministra dopravy Kremlíka, k předhánění se v revolučním zelených opatřeních v Evropě či k údajné čínské chobotnici rozlézající se po Praze.

Xi Jinping Calls Situation Grave as China Scrambles to Contain Coronavirus

(BEIJING) — China’s leader on Saturday called the accelerating spread of a new virus a grave situation, as cities from the outbreak’s epicenter in central China to Hong Kong scrambled to contain an illness that has infected more than 1,200 people and killed 41.

President Xi Jinping’s remarks, reported by state broadcaster CCTV, came at a meeting of Communist Party leaders convened on Lunar New Year — the country’s biggest holiday whose celebrations have been muted — and underlined the government’s urgent, expanding efforts to control the outbreak.

Travel agencies have been told to halt all group tours, the state-owned English-language China Daily newspaper reported, citing the China Association of Travel Services.

Millions of people traveling during the holiday have fueled the spread of the outbreak nationwide and overseas after it began in the city of Wuhan in central China. The vast majority of the infections and all the deaths have been in mainland China, but fresh cases are popp..

‘This Is Huge’: Worst Locust Swarm in Decades Destroy Crops in East Africa

(KATITIKA, Kenya) — The hum of millions of locusts on the move is broken by the screams of farmers and the clanging of pots and pans. But their noise-making does little to stop the voracious insects from feasting on their crops in this rural community.

The worst outbreak of desert locusts in Kenya in 70 years has seen hundreds of millions of the bugs swarm into the East African nation from Somalia and Ethiopia. Those two countries have not had an infestation like this in a quarter-century, destroying farmland and threatening an already vulnerable region with devastating hunger.

“Even cows are wondering what is happening,” said Ndunda Makanga, who spent hours Friday trying to chase the locusts from his farm. “Corn, sorghum, cowpeas, they have eaten everything.”

When rains arrive in March and bring new vegetation across much of the region, the numbers of the fast-breeding locusts could grow 500 times before drier weather in June curbs their spread, the United Nations says.

“We must a..

22 Dead, Over 1,100 Hurt From Earthquake in Eastern Turkey

(ANKARA, Turkey) — The death toll from a strong earthquake that rocked eastern Turkey climbed to 22 on Saturday as rescue crews searched for people who remained trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings, officials said.

Speaking at a televised news conference near the epicenter of the quake in Elazig province, Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said 18 people were killed in Elazig and four in neighboring Malatya.

Some 1,103 people were injured, with 34 of them in intensive care but not in critical condition, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the funeral of a mother and son killed in the quake while visiting the hardest-hit areas. He warned people against repeating “negative” hearsay about the country being unprepared for earthquakes.

“Do not listen to rumors, do not listen to anyone’s negative, contrary propaganda, and know that we are your servants,” Erdogan said.

Various earthquake monitoring centers gave magnitudes ranging ..