Frequency converter maintenance and operation: what to prepare for?

In VYBO Electric we offer various types of frequency converters in addition to electric motors and gearboxes. The most frequent motivation for the use of the frequency converter is the possibility of more efficient use of the electric motor; We have prepared some tips to help you in operating and maintaining the drive.

The basic requirements for frequency inverters certainly include not only reliability, but also friendly and easy operation. In order to be fully satisfied with the frequency inverter, it is worth taking due care when selecting and operating the frequency inverter. At VYBO Electric, we know that this may not always be easy, and that is why our team of experts will help you not only to select the right frequency inverter, but also help you during operation and maintenance.

frequency drive
Frequency converter maintenance

Operation of the frequency converter will not cause wrinkles on the forehead

It is worth mentioning at the outset that modern frequency converters are designed as maintenance-free devices. After proper installation and commissioning, they do not usually require special care. Nevertheless, it is certainly advisable, at least from time to time, to pay attention to the frequency converter. How to?

First of all, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when operating the frequency converter. The frequency converter you use should match not only your requirements, but also the characteristics of the electric motor or the conditions in which it operates – such as dusty or high humidity environments. One of the most sensitive parts of the frequency converter is cooling and therefore it is necessary to forget about sufficient air circulation around the converter and regular check of the heatsink and fan.

What to do if something goes wrong? Frequency inverters are already equipped with sophisticated diagnostics to quickly find out what the problem is. Errors are most often caused by overloading, respectively. misuse. Please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions.


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